Just had my ears pierced…

Sounds so simple – yet it is very significant for me, and quite emotional. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years – in fact since I was a teenager – but never felt I was allowed to do it. So this is an expression of who I am – a statement. Continuing my unfolding…


Being a pioneer

I spoke to my counselling group again today about my transgender situation and was again touched and encouraged by their support. I feel that I am called to be a pioneer in helping to gain acceptance for a more tolerant attitude towards freedom of gender expression, in my own small way. I am looking forward to fulfilling my part in this significant venture which many other brave people have already made significant steps in their social mileux.
Christine x

A wonderful experience

Last week I shared my TG story with my female counselling group. I was scared beforehand but was overwhelmed by the positive reposne I had, so warm, accepting and loving. It was a very special moment and has allowed me to accept myself even more. It feels like a new beginning – although I’m sue there will be some rough seas ahead – but that moment will stay with me forever.

Just published the rest of my book

I’ve just published the rest of my book, Part 3 (chapters 23 – 30). I have been very reticent to publish it as I am not sure if it is pretentious claptrap or something worthwhile. I decided to let you decide. If you don’t like it you’ll go onto something else, no harm done, if you do like it – great.

All I can say is that I wrote it from the heart – just sat down and typed what came into my head. A bit stream of consciousness you might say.

PS I have edited the dates of the chapters back into the past so that when you click on the link to my book the chapters appear in the correct order.

The Real Me

This is a series of stills I took from my laptop. I put a simple piece of music to it that I like to dance to, very lyrical. When I watched the finished version it made me cry because it seemed to express who I really am inside so well.

Just a little thing…

I went into Matalan in Swindon to buy some clothes. When I got to the checkout the assistant asked if they were all presents and I said “No, actually they’re for me”.

How simple – but in those few words I realised just how far I have come in the last few months.

She didn’t bat an eyelid, just commented on the colours I had chosen and said that she had bought one of the dresses herself and how nice it was.

It made me realise that we create or own demons…

Christine xx

Working from my hotel today – en femme

Great day today! I have to work from my hotel so I was able to get up and get dressed en-femme, have breakfast (first time I’ve ever done that dressed) and have worked away happily in my room.

I went shopping at lunchtime and bought some girlie things and am looking forward to a nice dinner in the restaurant.

It’s so lovely to be able to spend the day as me!


New name

I had an urge to change my name. Reid served its purpose but Celeste expresses more of how I am now. It marks a point in my development.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me…

Just sitting here in my hotel room – all dressed up – catching up on things. Just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have written words of encouragement.

I feel I am progressing quite rapidly through a wonderful phase of self-acceptance. I have recently had a lovely open discussion with my wife – who is very accepting, but we disagree on some aspects – but are able to find compromises. For me it just feels so wonderfully liberating to finally accept my fem side as 100% valid.

I ate in a UK restaurant for the first time last week -and in the hotel where I was staying. In the past I may have been paranoid about being ‘called out’ but this time I really wasn’t bothered. I was prepared for the discussion about me being transgendered, etc. and having a perfect right to dress as I please. This is so liberating and empowering.

I am also having weird dreams with anima representations – and am consciously accepting more (in mydreams) and going further than I have done before. It feels like an exciting adventure.

I also realised that my higher self is feminine and I think this is what is being represented in my dressing. In esoteric science gender alternates as you go up the planes….

Christine xx




Going through an important stage

I just posted a video on Flickr talking about my current stage of development. It’s a final, and from my male side grudging, admission that I have a very large feminine component to my make up which is valid and real. Until now I had been considering it as a bolt on – something that wasn’t really me – but I now realise that I was just suppressing a truth about myself that I was reluctant to admit.

My male part has now acknowledged the supression game it has been playing and has stepped back to allow the feminine part of me to flower. As I recently read, all that needs to happen is for the male to stop suppressing the feminine and the feminine will develop naturally. I am not sure exactly how the feminine will develop, and it will need to be in small steps and tempered, to some extent, by the male – so I end up balanced, in harmony with myself and fully functioning in the world, which is necessary for various reasons!

I am excited and scared – but know that it is the right thing or me to do.