This site is written and maintained by the feminine persona Christine Celeste. For many years Christine was kept imprisoned in a male dominated body but has now been released to live and write.

She feels that this site may help male-female cross-dressers learn to love, accept and respect their feminine side and to understand how they can work with this vital aspect fo their personality to grow spiritually.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I do think that males have had their way in influencing female thought. Your thoughts on Christianity downplaying the role of women is very real. There is no reason why women cannot be priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Its just men dominating a ridiculous argument. The ruling could be changed immediately. Power will not be given up without a fight.


  2. As a secret Cd, I have a crush on Christine Reid and adore her story. I would love for her to see me dressed as a coed in a tight skirt and sweater with saddle shoes. xx Gina B.


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