How we can stop the dystopian future

David Icke’s predictions have unfolded with uncanny precision has left us in awe of his predictive powers. We so want people to listen to what he has to say that we say to our friends “Look at what’s happening now – David Icke predicted this years ago – why don’t you listen to what he is saying.” Then we go on to say – he is predicting this or that and we wait for it to happen so that we can say “I told you so – he was right all along”.

Unfortunately the more he is proved correct the more he would be disappointed in those of us who are ‘awakened’. The reason he is telling us the future is so that we can change it, not so that he can be proved correct. The future is not set in stone, it is up to us to change it, as he repeatedly tells us in his works. He is merely laying out the path that will inexorably unfold if we do nothing. Giving us awareness of what will happen should empower us collectively to prevent it.

We are up against a formidable magical foe, a dragon, but, like St George, we have the power to slay this evil monster. Those in power know the occult secrets of the universe and manipulate them through hidden rituals as well as more modern mind control techniques such as propaganda, hypnosis, electromagnetic fields and chemicals.

One does not have to look far these days to find books on ‘magic’ whether they be in the guise of NLP, the law of attraction, the power of positive thought, etc. Books such as ‘The Secret’ and those by Paul McKenna, or going back to the early 20th Century, Ernest Holmes’s ‘Science of Mind’, describe how each of us creates our own reality through the mental images we form. Magic is based on the principle of ‘as above, so below’ which refers to the power of mind over matter (as well as indicating other correspondences such as indicated by astrology). There is much truth in the Bible saying that ‘we are made in the image of God’. We are co-creators, with ‘God’, of our universe. (The God I am referring to here is far from the false construction perpetuated by the established religions. Here I am talking about a universal power far beyond our comprehension.)

Each of us has a holy inner sanctum where the true image of the future is to be found, one of wisdom and love. Those in power seek to gain entry to this sanctum to corrupt it. It is corrupted by negative images of a dystopian future constantly projected into us by Hollywood and the media. The more we accept these images, albeit unwittingly, the more this seeps into our inner sanctum and the more are our creative powers harnessed towards the ruling elite’s dark plan for humanity.

This is where we need to treat the work of David and others with care. We need to hold the paradox of seeing two truths – one that sees the unfolding of the current plan but another that envisions a true ‘kingdom of God’ of love, harmony, wholeness, wisdom and truth. We need to keep the dystopian image in the outer courts of our mind maintaining the inner purity of the true and wholesome image.

Creative power is a combination of a clear image and emotion. The image defines what we will create, the emotion provides the fuel for the fire. If we hold a dystopian image, fuelled by fear we are falling into the hands of the evil rulers. We must hold a positive image fuelled by love and compassion, and sometimes a righteous anger.

It is not enough to hold the image, we must also speak our word. Words have a power of their own (‘In the beginning was The Word’). We must speak positively and affirmatively. Coming back to the beginning of the article we fail ourselves and those around us when we speak words describing a negative future such as the crash is coming, Brexit is not going to happen, etc. If we are to take control of the future we must think and speak of the future we want to see, the one we are collectively constructing.

I believe that there are sufficient people awakened now that if we hold these positive images and begin to speak, to use the power of our words, to affirm the victory of good over evil we will attract the greatest powers of the universe to act alongside us and we will see the defeat of the dragon. It seems to me that the dragon is in its last terrible death throes, thrashing wildly and desperately. We must hold fast to the victory that is already ours, if we simply claim it.

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