Satanic mind control programming and the transgender agenda

In my interview on the Richie Allen show I made a comment about the link between satanic mind control programming and the transgender agenda. I just wanted to clarify my views on this.

I would imagine that most of Richie Allen’s audience are familiar with CIA mind-control programmes like MK Ultra which produce beta kitten (and other variants) of sex ‘slaves’ designed to serve the sexual appetites of wealthy and senior people in the establishment. Much of this programming is associated with, or takes place within, satanic rituals. Piecing together odd bits of evidence leads me to believe that there is a new(?) wave of programming that programmes ‘sissy’ sex slaves from boys (ladyboys, if you like). I would be very interested to hear if anyone has more direct evidence of this, e.g. a satanic ritual abuse (SRA) survivor.

I also suggested that behind the transgender agenda is likely to be the satanic element of the ruling establishment, which I believe is very active behind the scenes (and, of course is linked to paedophilia).

Androgyny is an important element of occult philosophy – essentially that each of us has masculine and feminine elements and that the spiritual path involves an ‘alchymical’ marriage between these two components giving birth to a genderless spirit part (in very simplistic terms). So I dont’ think that androgyny is intrinsically evil but like all things spiritual or occult can be used in the pursuit of higher spiritual things or debased into the darker side of the occult. Jung’s ideas are very much of the former and satanism the latter.

2 thoughts on “Satanic mind control programming and the transgender agenda

  1. Thank you for speaking out so bravely and professionally on the Richie Allen show. Best wishes to you. I fully agree with you about the satanic agenda. Andrea Sadegh is an expert on this – her son is currently being held and abused/programmed as part of MK Ultra in Austria. She is an expert on finding signs of abuse in toddlers. There will very probably be evidence of sissy boy programming on her site somewhere. These is also ample evidence that so-called mental health practitioners are deeply involved:


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