A transgender response to Richie Allen

I am an avid follower of Richie Allen’s Youtube channel. He is an absolute stand-out journalist and presenter. He interviews an amazing array of people that never get aired on mainstream media. I often find myself questioning the validity of the interviewees and of Richie’s views on things – but I broadly agree with the Allen/Icke worldview.

One area that I do find difficult to stomach is Richie’s views on the transgender topic. Firstly, I can acccept that there is a very dangerous agenda being played out, particularly  the introduction of transgender ideas to children. As a psychodynamic counsellor I am convinced that children’s gender identity is somewhat fluid for the first 5 or 6 years of life and very dependent on social interactions, particularly with the parents. I don’t think it is healthy to be confusing children at that age about their own identity. Having said that I can also see the argument that seeks to prevent children being bullied or shamed who do have a gender difference set in genetically or very early life (this can happen as a result of maternal influenes in the first year of life).

My story is plain to see on this blog – it is one of someone who began cross-dressing in childhood and who kept it secret for decades. I have been reading copiously on the topic from all perspectives and still hold a position somewhere between it being a pathology and a valid embedded character trait. It is something I have been struggling with in personal therapy for a few years, caring about my family, trying to resolve this aspect of my personality, not wanting to harm anyone else.

I am frequently hurt by Richie’s comments, not that he should stop saying what he says, but I feel that it is a topic where a ‘ranting’ tone develops and, despite all the qualifications, it comes across as splitting off those of us in this ‘camp’, it just touches a raw nerve for me. Part of this is my inner judge – having been brought up in a Christian home there is still part of me that considers it as deviant or somehow and illness. I feel like I am coming across as a snowflake now – but I suppose what I am saying is that there is a middle voice that is yet to be heard on this topic. One that states the position of someone like me – who is ‘manfully’ struggling with his femininity and feels that this issue is little understood and has been hijacked by a group of militants who are actually stirring up more resentment against people like me because of its imposition of certain beliefs on others and also the deliberate confusion of vulnerable children.

7 thoughts on “A transgender response to Richie Allen

  1. A completely vaild perspecitve, and a useful precis, in particular “his femininity” – I appreciate, for one, this approach; I wish you good health, and happiness, in pursuing this open-minded, calibrated (according to your experience, changing as it does on a fluid timeline), experience. My rights, your rights, end where they converge. BTW, perhaps some ‘blue’ in the theme of the site? 😉


  2. This was an outstanding interview, highly informative. I have tried to contact Richie personally, but his site is down and I can’t find a contact email or number. Richie came across very well and didn’t talk over Christine. I think I agreed with everything Christine said. I made the mistake of going on another radio station a couple of years ago in the hope of educating the masses. However, the BBC presenter used me to boost his own ego and maybe thought the “man in a woman’s body” sensationalism would win him some listeners.

    As a crossdresser, I do not describe myself as trans, gender fluid, or any other trendy label. I’m not sure whether Richie understands the difference.

    The trans community are being used as pawns in a political game. This is hard to summarise, but I would suggest that readers watch the youtube channel of Mr E to see how these TGs are being thrust in our faces and how children are worshipping false idols. It is an attack on the minds of children.


    • Nice to hear from you Kelly and thanks for the comments. Have you managed to contact him yet?

      Interesting to hear your experience on the radio. I think Richie was pretty fair – although I agree that he doesn’t understand very well – but that’s why he asked me on to find out about it.

      I wonder how many other cross-dressers will listen to the show? I know there are a lot of us out there but quite how many is anyone’s guess!


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