A massive step forward – shared an evening with some special people en-femme

I have been very quiet since I joined as it has been a lull for me as I have stopped working away and haven’t had a chance to dress for about a year.

Last Thursday I went away on a residential weekend for my counselling course (I am training to be a psychodynamic counsellor) and I was able to dress for 2 evenings and one whole day with the rest of the class and tutors (all female). It was the most amazing experience. One of my classmates came into my room when I was ready and her jaw nearly hit the floor. She kept saying how amazing I looked and hugging me. She said she wanted to cry (so did I). She then escorted me down to the bar to meet the others and the reaction was similarly positive. I had dinner with them and went to the bar afterwards. I felt so relaxed and ‘me’ as you will all understand.

The following day I decided to spend the whole day en femme, and that was simply amazing as well, just doing normal class stuff as a girl. I even did a role play to try out how it would feel to be a female counsellor which went really well. One of the class reacted badly to seeing me dressed (I think it triggered something from her childhood) but the others were totally positive and supportive. The second evening I put on my red dress and shoes and glammed up a bit more. The first evening I was wearing a smart, but more conservative, dress.

This has completely opened up my view of what I can do as a woman. The fantasies I have of public speaking and doing other things as a woman now seem real prospects.

2 thoughts on “A massive step forward – shared an evening with some special people en-femme

  1. They are your experiences that create the internal confidence of people, especially in this role in which is the internal self of each. Congratulations.


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