First time I’ve told one of my male friends

Yesterday I went out for dinner with one of my closest male friends. Up until then I had only told female friends – I was quite scared of telling my male friends…

He had seen my pierced ears last time we went out and was interested why. I told him that I would tell him next time. He asked me last night so I showed him some of my pics and asked him to say who it was. He was quite stunned and said “you’re a good looking woman” – which, of course, warmed my heart.

He took it really well, though, really acceptinig. He asked a few questions about it and I told him some of my stories, like walking past a bar where my work colleagues were sitting, fully dressed, and them not noticing – and what a buzz that was.

So – gradually making progress and normalising my feminine side into my broader life. This was a big milestone for me and I am now even thining about telling my old schol mates who I see every couple of months. That will take some courage though…

Christine xx

One thought on “First time I’ve told one of my male friends

  1. Christine: If you already took the first step, continuous, keep going, do not stop. As a woman she looks so beautiful, but what many women bios, can achieve many hours of dedication to him.
    I at least am a personal fan of yours.


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