First session with my therapist as Christine

This week I presented mysef as Christine to my therapist – not physically – but in terms of me personally.  I have been having personal therapy for 18 months – which I needed to do for my counselling course – but which I have found intensely valuable. I have discussed my transgender issues on numerous occasions – in fact it has been the main theme – but this is the first time I have talked as Christine.

It was a very emotional session. Lots of tears. I felt very vulnerable, embarrassed and timid – but it was a profound experience that touched into areas that I had never previously been into. I realised how much I had been suppressing a huge part of my personality. My therapist was wonderful – treating it as a first session for a new client. I finally admitted a huge part of me into the counselling room and feel that this is a real breakthrough in my personal progress. Interestingly I have felt more confident and open in my subsequent interactions in various situations – both professional and personal. I am looking forward to explorinng more along this avenue.

One thought on “First session with my therapist as Christine

  1. Christine: I’m glad for you that you’re getting to the point of your personal acceptance, that should be important in the life of a human being, his inner self, which is your outer self. From what I see in your photos, every day, more natural feminine lights, but a woman.


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