Just a little thing…

I went into Matalan in Swindon to buy some clothes. When I got to the checkout the assistant asked if they were all presents and I said “No, actually they’re for me”.

How simple – but in those few words I realised just how far I have come in the last few months.

She didn’t bat an eyelid, just commented on the colours I had chosen and said that she had bought one of the dresses herself and how nice it was.

It made me realise that we create or own demons…

Christine xx

3 thoughts on “Just a little thing…

  1. Not so little…

    A few weeks ago I went into a NYC Kmart and bought rings and necklaces and the checkout girl said how pretty they were and how she loved the colors and how I had i had such a sense of style and she was truly admiring them (I should add here i like to buy my girl things out in stores because…) but this time I got frightened and said they were for my girlfriend and the checkout girl looked hurt that I didn’t trust her to be that savvy or whatever and lied to her. I felt diminished. Never again!
    Congrats Christine.



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