Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me…

Just sitting here in my hotel room – all dressed up – catching up on things. Just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have written words of encouragement.

I feel I am progressing quite rapidly through a wonderful phase of self-acceptance. I have recently had a lovely open discussion with my wife – who is very accepting, but we disagree on some aspects – but are able to find compromises. For me it just feels so wonderfully liberating to finally accept my fem side as 100% valid.

I ate in a UK restaurant for the first time last week -and in the hotel where I was staying. In the past I may have been paranoid about being ‘called out’ but this time I really wasn’t bothered. I was prepared for the discussion about me being transgendered, etc. and having a perfect right to dress as I please. This is so liberating and empowering.

I am also having weird dreams with anima representations – and am consciously accepting more (in mydreams) and going further than I have done before. It feels like an exciting adventure.

I also realised that my higher self is feminine and I think this is what is being represented in my dressing. In esoteric science gender alternates as you go up the planes….

Christine xx




3 thoughts on “Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me…

  1. Celeste: I like fan male yours and why not say maybe in love with your female person, I welcome you to take this move of your life in a positive way and above all that you’re doing it with the support of people who can provide you and partly but with a little brake your relationship.
    It is amazing how the first pictures of you, but showed a beautiful woman with sad eyes.
    Today it shows shine in your eyes, you will notice many changes especially femininity and sensuality, not if this will contribute to your feminine attributes, which shine in your whole body.
    And definitely mine with all respect, I think it is a declaration of love.
    I wish in my life, having found a woman like you.


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