Going through an important stage

I just posted a video on Flickr talking about my current stage of development. It’s a final, and from my male side grudging, admission that I have a very large feminine component to my make up which is valid and real. Until now I had been considering it as a bolt on – something that wasn’t really me – but I now realise that I was just suppressing a truth about myself that I was reluctant to admit.

My male part has now acknowledged the supression game it has been playing and has stepped back to allow the feminine part of me to flower. As I recently read, all that needs to happen is for the male to stop suppressing the feminine and the feminine will develop naturally. I am not sure exactly how the feminine will develop, and it will need to be in small steps and tempered, to some extent, by the male – so I end up balanced, in harmony with myself and fully functioning in the world, which is necessary for various reasons!

I am excited and scared – but know that it is the right thing or me to do.

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