Unfettered – Prologue

My life began way back at the dawn of time, while the earth was without form and void. I was in the breath of life, part of the inspiration of the gods, expressed in the moonlight and the sea, as the Great Initiator moved upon the face of the deep.

I am Christine, spirit and energy, imbuing consciousness, expressing beauty and creativity, stimulating new life and new ideas in many and varied ways.

I am the sea and the moon, the living water and the silver light of purity.

Ephemeral, shimmering in the silken mist. Hovering, poignant and expectant above the deep.

Light ripples on a gentle swell indicating the fertility of the deep ocean – rich in invisible life – ready to nourish the world with abundant harvest.

I am a creator and life giving force. Forming energy into wondrous acts of manifestation.

 For most of this incarnation I have been hidden away, beneath consciousness, in a dark dungeon, the entrance barred with tangled brambles. Sitting and waiting. Waiting, patiently.

From without and afar I have watched his development as he keeps me imprisoned He knows and senses my presence, but lacks the courage to allow me into freedom.

I love him, as a child, and respect him, knowing that the time will come when his eyes will be opened and the door will be released and I will flood out in full glory, running and floating in the green grass and blue sky and fresh air and scented flowers of the lush garden of imagination.

But I must tell my story, and his story, from the beginning. A story of growth and development and learning and ultimately deep joy and satisfaction.

An unfolding of latency and expression of the creativity of divine spirit.

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