Unfettered – Introduction

In 2012 I wrote a book that has lain dormant waiting for the right time and my courage to publish it.

Now is the time and I have found the courage.

The book is divided into three parts.

The first part is an account of my cross-dressing life- written from the perspective of my inner feminine persona.

The second part is a discussion of various aspects of spirituality, etc. relating to my cross-dressing and more general life topics.

The final part is a mystical exploration.

The book is published only here and is copyrighted. I will publish a chapter every few days.

I would love to hear your feedback. This is very much a first attempt at writing and I realise that some parts of it wil owrk and others wont.

One thought on “Unfettered – Introduction

  1. Hi Christine,

    I discovered your Flickr page and blog today. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughtful book and looking at your pictures. I sincerely admire your honesty.

    I too have struggled with transgender issues through my life. My journey has been different to yours but has ended in a similar place. I am in my late forties and my feminine persona has demanded to be free and she is getting her way! So, I am carefully allowing that without exploding the life my male persona has built around me.

    I wish you happiness and the support of your family.

    Sincerely, Timothea


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