Latest trip to Prague

This was my first time away since May this year – and my first oportunity to dress. Managed to get dolled up on 3 out of 4 nights – which I was very pleased about – and took lots of pics in my room.

Each night I was dressed I did venture out either to the executive lounge in the hotel, where I just sat with a glass of wine and read my book, or just wandering around outside the hotel.

It was quite funny on one evening I met two owmen in the space of about five minutes, in the hotel, who spoke to me – one about her TV controller and one just to pass the time. That was quite fun – not sure if they clocked me or not.

On the last night I decided quite late on to go into town. I love going on the metro in Prague so trotted off in my patent heels. Prague downtown is cobblestones – but I knew this and was able to negotiate my way round ok. I went to the Jazz Republic jazz club, paid my entry, sa down and ordered a glass of wine. Although I was dressed “businesswoman classy” and everyone else was “scruffy young kid” I felt quite comfortable and no-one seemed to give me a second glance.

On the way home I was quite tipsy but thoroughly enjoyed it. I did the video and a few pics when I got back.

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