Unfettered – Chapter 18 – Opening to Spirit

Today I learned about spirit in action, in the mind, and how it becomes active when we release all understanding of how the world works. We simply let go and this allows ‘spirit’ to speak to us and through us. We do, however, need to take action to allow this to happen and then we need to act in accordance with the inner promptings. It is a mistake to think that we do nothing, however it is also a mistake to think that we do anything. We simply allow what is in us to come forth, which is a ‘doing’ by ‘allowing’, and then letting it flow freely. Our action is in stopping our ego getting in the way, simply allowing the inner source to flow freely through us. In doing this we need to move – we are living beings inhabiting a material world and our inner essence wants to act through us to do things in this world. That is why we are incarnated into this world.

Spirit can do nothing without us, we are the vehicles of action and without action in this world there is no learning. Simply to be passive in spiritual contemplation is to mimic what happens in the spirit world. The whole point of our incarnation is to act positively in the physical world. This both expands our knowledge of the spiritual world and increases the variety in creation. This is all fed back into the spiritual world as learning, which brings joy and excitement into the spirit world, and expands the level of knowledge and consciousness. This is the whole point of creation.

We are the active agents in this world. If we act solely on our rational worldly way of doing things we can and do create in a physical sense which does bring joy to the spirit world, but nowhere near as much as when we allow ourselves to be governed or driven by spirit or intuition – essentially the same things.

This is the ultimate expression of our divinity and allows the divine to expand. Creativity and innovation bring sighs of pleasure to spirit. Spirit thrives on new things – on creation. God is a creative and innovative being, in essence.

This is why God came out of nothingness to create. (FULL STOP).

Creation and innovation is the lifeblood.

This world teaches us to conform. Conformity is the biggest ‘sin’. That is why the powers that be want us to conform, because it is against creation. It stifles the lifeblood of our spiritual nature. When we allow our creativity to blossom forth we are acting in the spirit of spirit.

We should never be afraid to express our individuality, in fact this is what we should seek in every moment, whether in the mundaneness of chores or in making sublime music. As we allow our inner creativity to express so then do we feel more alive. This is an experience we have all had. It makes us feel good to innovate. It pleases us and it pleases others. It brings true joy. Too many people like to copy others. True music is spontaneous expression of what comes from within. As we make a move so it is amplified – the more we are in touch with spirit and allow it to flow freely.

If we copy music it has lost its lifeblood unless we add something to it from our own selves. Exact copies are not creative. Art is driven by inspiration – creating something that has never been created before. We are each unique and our duty in this limited incarnation is to bring as much new into the world as we can. This brings the greatest pleasure to spirit – ultimately God. God loves each of us for who we are – and that love is absolute and eternal – but we bring pleasure to spirit when we allow ourselves to create. The more new things we create the greater pleasure we bring to spirit. True worship is creativity. Our own limited actions amplified by spirit. We are the vehicles by which spirit creates.

Disciplines such as meditation are necessary and not creative in their own right – but they do open the connection to spirit and therefore allow that creativity to flow in our everyday lives. To meditate all day is not creative. But not to meditate, or open the channels to spirit in some other way, means that we are acting with our own limited powers of creativity. It is like speaking through a microphone without the amplifier turned on. We can shout but if we just switch on the amplification we need only speak quietly and everything we do is amplified. It’s like the sweet spot on a tennis racket – we guide the ball onto the right spot and the ball pings off. If we don’t hit the sweet spot the ball doesn’t travel very far. We get a good feeling when we hit the sweetspot whether in tennis or in spiritual matters. If we are not in contact with spirit (not in ‘the flow’) it is hard work. When we are in contact with spirit everything becomes easy and natural. We get into the flow by aligning our psyches with spirit – through the work of spiritual disciplines such as meditation.

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