Unfettered – Chapter 19 – Good and Evil

It is very easy when considering spiritual matters to believe that God is in charge of everything and he is love and therefore everything is ok. This is true to a certain extent but we must accept that in allowing freewill and creation to occur then what we call ‘evil’ came into the world as well. If we create good then we create its counterpart. It’s like when we create a particle we create its antiparticle at the same time. You cannot have an electric field without a plus and a minus. If there is no field there is nothing. In order to create a field you have to have a positive and a negative with a tension between them. This is what the universe is like. Although at the highest level there is nothing – no plus or minus – the second that something is created a duality appears. If good is created there is bad as well. The bad in this world is real and there are negative spiritual energies to complement the good ones. We should not consider these as evil or bad – but as a necessary part of the creation. We love these negative entities because without them there could be no good. How does a light shine in pure light? Light only shines in the darkness.

In practical terms this means that the work we do for the good counters the forces of bad or evil (so called). If there were no bad or evil there would be no point to our doing good. What would we be countering?

Now these forces are real, as I said, and if we progress into the spiritual realms we must be wary of these forces. Not to fear them – but to love and respect them. They are essential to our good. They provide the foil for our thrust.

If we venture into the spiritual realm we must therefore take due precautions. This is very true in any ‘occult’ activity from Ouija boards to rituals, where practitioners open themselves to potentially ‘harmful’ energies if they do not follow certain spiritual ‘hygiene’ practices, in the same way as good hygiene is necessary in the physical world. Surgeons, when performing an operation, need to guard against infection. In the same way if we take action in the spiritual world we need to guard against these negative energies.

In the context of political control of the world I have referred previously to the powers that be that rule the world. There is no doubt that there are forces, which have a high degree of control over our governing institutions from the church, to governments, to drug companies, etc.

A mistake many people make is to assume that there is no active force working against all the good that we could potentially do. They overlook the fact that people are working actively against individuals opening up their spiritual awareness. They are confused that more people don’t see ‘The Truth’. Behind the worldly ruling powers are negative spiritual forces. We could consider all the people in control of our world to be under the influence of these negative forces. They are initiates into the black arts.

It doesn’t take much research to see this. Tony Blair took his son to the great pyramid to be christened. Many US presidents are 33rd degree freemasons. Freemasonry, in its pure sense, is a path of spiritual development, but much evidence would suggest that it has been hijacked by negative forces to help to bring in a system of world domination, based on constraining the creativity of individuals. Look at the trend in work. People’s jobs are being dumbed down – all the creativity is being squeezed out. People working in call centres are required to work to scripts. Almost everything is being governed by tighter and tighter procedures. The world is tending towards one in which everyone is required to act according to rule. This removes all creativity and hence causes the biggest sin to be committed – conformity. Look at the old communist bloc countries where conformity is virtually decreed.

Although we may regard the US as a symbol of freedom when you look closer you realise that the people there are as much controlled as they are in North Korea. But they are brainwashed into believing that theirs is the country of the free. In fact most US citizens are under a state of permanent hypnosis – largely programmed into them by the television. In 1984 there is a constant propaganda TV (not the cross-dressing kind…) in every room, and people are also being constantly monitored. TV is largely advertisements and sound-bites. These are carefully crafted by people who understand hypnosis. The US population is unaware of the insidious effect of television and how they are being controlled. Their thoughts are controlled from an early age. Anyone in the US who steps outside these boundaries is vilified. They would argue against this but they are taught to serve the corporation and money. The ‘bottom line’ is all that matters, or conforming to their rigid Christian beliefs. How many American Christians have any freedom over what they think spiritually? Now I’m probably being too harsh and generalising too much – because I believe on the West Coast there are many free thinkers. But they have to be careful. Anyone who tries to expose the truth doesn’t get far in American politics.

Do you get my drift?

2 thoughts on “Unfettered – Chapter 19 – Good and Evil

  1. I respectfully disagree, BUT before you delete this heresy let me agree that there is evil in the world. It’s source is anything done without love. God is love. Evil is anything that lacks love. So many “Christians” act out their own version of righteousness by condemning others. That is not love. God loves everyone. It is the rejection of God’s love that is evil. Every act with love is good. Any act that lacks love (in part or fully) will be wrong. Love exists. Evil is the lack of love. I recommend a short novel title “The Shack”. It is good at expressing love vs evil (absence of love).


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