Unfettered – Chapter 23 – A Message from the Unconscious

I am floating in space, high above everything, in a realm of pure spirit, like a dream but more real than the reality you know. It is an ethereal realm where we sense everything at once. My words are flowing automatically as I sit before the computer…

We love to experience the earthly plane and when there is an enlightened soul who allows us into their psyche we experience again the wonder of this creation, of which we are all part and co-creators with the Lord of all.

We are one, although differentiated by our own wills. We are thinking centres in a sea of continuous consciousness.

We know the battle that appears to be in progress on earth; the so called ‘forces of darkness’. However their reign is limited, their power is as nothing compared to the great light of goodness and love which would sweep them away with a single breath into the abyss of torment. However, they have a place in this universe, an important foil against which the spiritual development of many takes place. The anvil on which the hammer of goodness is forged.

We bring our teaching into the world through those intellects that are open – whether simple or complex – just open to allow our energy to transmit through into the earthly plane. We can do so much good and provide so much succour and help to the needy both physically and spiritually. We can also provide wonderful experiences and abundance if we are allowed to fulfil our role as teachers enabling you to partake of the richness which is your birth-right.

We are here and available to all who call upon us and are ready and disciplined and have developed, or are naturally blessed with, the open psychic channels through which we operate. We cannot operate directly as easily as we can work through willing human hands and bodies and minds.

You have the potential to be far greater than you can ever imagine – and that is what limits you – just what you can imagine. As you open your mind and allow your expectations to expand so you will do greater and greater things. You will overcome the so called ‘evil’ and grow spiritually.

You should feel sorry for those powers that are bound to the ‘evil’ way for they will achieve no satisfaction and must work through that which they are doing. They deserve your gratitude although it is difficult for you to understand exactly how this all works in the grand scheme.

Your intellect is a sharp tool through which we can expand human knowledge and understanding. You are on the threshold of a mighty change in the earth’s psychic balance as more and more of you awaken, like a tidal surge, to the old knowledge made accessible through the incredible advances of science. The wise of the ages have known intuitively marvellous spiritual truths but this has had to be taken solely on faith and by experience without true understanding. For the first time in human history there are developing advanced mathematical and conceptual models that take this understanding to the next level and will enable great things to happen. The dark forces will be left behind as they have tried to conceal these truths but lie trampled underfoot as the stampede of enlightened individuals rush forward to embrace the new century which will be marked by much greater love and tolerance and beauty.

All of you who have some knowledge must be teachers. All of you are on a ladder of understanding and your progression to the next rung is greatly enhanced the more you teach those on the rung below you. It is true what you have heard; that you can only teach those who are a little behind you. Your understanding has moved far beyond that which you can explain to those starting on the path. So you are a link in the great chain of knowledge that passes down from the masters to the novices who are starting on their journey.

But don’t fall for the sin of pride. There are many who are as children, accepting the spiritual simplicity of life, of nature, who are as enlightened as the most devout monk. Theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Those who take joy in every moment and bring happiness to themselves and others, working with nature’s spirits to co-create in this world of incessant evolution towards the highest end of all. Each has an invaluable part to play.

The sin is not to play the part that you know you should. You must not hold back – just allow yourself to go with the flow of current of spiritual goodness that flows beneath the surface of this intricate pattern of energy that we call the universe.
We are ever present in your mind – doing what we can to influence – but are so often ignored and we find it hard to break through which is why we have to use human vehicles of sense and excitement to make ourselves known. The androgynous way is one such – but many do not see beyond the worldly expression of femininity to the allegorical deeper meaning and spiritual truth that is the essence of the way, of all ways.

There are many paths and all of them require a breaking down of commonly held human beliefs.

It is no accident that the press and government stick rigidly to tradition. New religious thoughts are often pilloried or ridiculed in the press in order to keep the mass of humanity from the truth that is budding within them. In the same way that I, as Christine, stayed for so long in the shadows so we all remain there for much of humanity. The truly creative learn to break free from the bonds of traditional human thought patterns, whether in scientific breakthroughs or in works of sublime art. Many have had traumatic experiences that open up their thinking and set them free. But those whose life is normal (the lukewarm) find it so difficult to break out. They have so much of a mundane life to lose but unless they die to that way they cannot be born to the new way of bliss and love and beauty and harmony and power. Power to change for the good.

This teaching is reaching out to you now in the depths of your being, feeding the soul, stimulating the inner sanctum of thought and awareness into action. Fanning the glowing embers that can soon rage as a fire as you allow it to develop and don’t damp it down by returning to the old mundane (worldly) thought patterns. It is a big draw, like gravity, pulling you back to earth, you have to keep flapping your wings to fly.

At times it seems like hard work, but then you hit a thermal air current on which you soar and glide for miles, in a timeless bliss of enjoyment. As you soar your eyesight becomes keener, like the eagle, and you see the tiny details that you never noticed before. And you can act in an instant with power as you dive, like a needle, to the point of need.

You choose your path – the path that is there just for you, perhaps based on another – but each path is unique and you should not fear to tread your own path. Others’ paths are theirs – but the life is in creating your own path otherwise you simply tread on dead foliage. You absorb the life of the plants you cut down as you carve your way through the jungle of life – it yields up its energy and stimulates you to move forward.

Life is everywhere. The birds continually sing. If you listen to their sound, they symbolise that very life that is under the surface, but so clear, once you realise. Constant life expressing from the beaks of the birds. Constant life expressing in the blades of grass that shoot up between the paving stones. Life that cannot be stopped. Life that expresses forth abundantly with no effort – just as it is allowed to do so.

And so it works in our own lives. So much of our worldly actions suppress that life, but as we release ourselves and simply allow it to, this life bursts forth out of every crack and crevice, filling our lives with abundance, as so amply shown in every aspect of nature.

What a contrast with your man made artefacts that crumble and decay so quickly.

Today is the day you say yes to this new life. You think you need to take the first step, which is true but that step is to do less with your thinking and acting. It is to focus, yes, which is doing of sorts, but it is to allow the new growth that naturally appears from the spiritual realms. Naturally growing within you like the new shoots on a tree stump that inexorably appear.

This is so difficult for you to understand as you have been taught all through life that you only achieve things through hard work. That is the worldly way – but the spiritual way is to allow the natural forces of spirit to work through you. As you do you feel the sap rising, you feel the joy welling up within you as you allow yourself to be absorbed into nature. As you simply meditate on the beauty of the countryside or the sound of birdsong or a new bud forming on a rose, so the corresponding forces of spirit start to work their magic within you and you begin to grow. Then you can stop it easily simply by thinking your normal worldly thoughts. The worries that crowd your earthly mind – how will I pay the bills, how will I get promotion, what will they think of me, and on it goes – dragging you back down to earth.

But you continually ask ‘what do I need to do?’ The doing is simply to stop thinking and worrying and believing that you make a difference by hard work. The effort in doing is to stop the continual doing process and that takes effort, but of a different kind. As it would take effort to stop an oil tanker. But that analogy is inadequate because you do not need to apply force – you simply step off the tanker and watch it glide past as you sit in stillness, or perhaps float in stillness, in the air. Watching it silently glide on its way, or perhaps with engines churning the blades, foaming and working the water. You just sit by and watch and allow the tranquillity to settle into your soul and the new growth to emerge.

This writing may fall on stony soil. The fertilisation is in the second part of this book. That dismantles the worldly view to allow the spirit to develop as we move through this hypnotic section which should be read in a quiet unchallenging way to allow these truths to become you.

As we move forward together so your mind expands and you start to sense the deeper truths embedded behind these words that cannot be expressed in rational scientific language – don’t even try to think to understand it – simply read the words and let them flow through into your unconscious mind which understands perfectly the analogy and metaphor embedded here.
Your life is enhanced as you read these words, simply by allowing, now, these words to sink in, without stopping, just settling, like snowflakes, one by one, until there is a covering of virgin white snow reflecting the light, sparkling and shining, glistening with inherent beauty. Nothing you can put your finger on – it’s just beautiful. And it happens all by itself, wonderfully simple, isn’t it?

Right now.

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