Unfettered – Chapter 24 – A Question of Truth

You may wonder why you are continuing to read this, and yet you are drawn into it, you may not know why, but somehow it feels good, somewhere within there is a part of you that is saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ keep going – it’s feeding me. That is why you must go on, mustn’t you. But only if you think it will make a difference, and it may not, and that is perfectly ok.

You may be reading this on a train, or at home, or in the park with the sun shining down on you and those birds singing (again) – but now you appreciate them, maybe for the first time in your life, you realise what they mean – that continual life expressing in you, that wants to express. Can you mute a bird? No. So why do you try to stop that life emerging within you? You don’t, of course, you can’t – because now it’s started. Of course you can stop, can’t you? And by now you will have decided whether this is worth reading – and if you have it will be because you know that there is something here that will change you, possibly forever, or maybe not at all – but that depends on whether you allow it to.

I remember reading stuff like this before I was ready. It’s not quite as bad as stream of consciousness – I tried Ulysses – maybe that had some esoteric meaning – but I couldn’t fathom it – yet I persisted with it for maybe 200 pages before I realised that it wasn’t doing anything for me. But I thought I’d give it a chance.

You see the truth is that many people know the truth, it is hidden on full display all around us. Doctor Who demonstrates quantum physics in wonderful metaphors. The weeping statues that can be anywhere until you look at them describe precisely the nature of the quantum world which tells us that a particle doesn’t exist in a particular place until we look at it. Sounds bizarre, but if you look into it you will find that it is perfectly true. An electron only exists as a ‘wave function’ or an equation that determines certain probabilities about where it might be. Only when you look at it does it suddenly crystallise into one place – just like the statues.

Maybe you’d already spotted that, but if you hadn’t how much else is there hidden in full view that you just didn’t notice? What makes a classic a classic? Why is Harry Potter so successful or 1984, or The Matrix? What makes these films just a little bit special? Can you really put your finger on it? Is it because there is some deeper truth in there that something within you recognises and says ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ but you don’t know why – it just makes you feel good, or does it. Maybe not, for you, but if it does then you are beginning to understand what is the point of this?

The truth is that everybody knows the truth but they just don’t realise it until they allow it to surface. And how do you (not) do that? The clue is in the question, and I’ve already said it, so you do know, don’t you?

Let me try to explain. There IS a part of you that is sitting in there somewhere that is saying ‘Yes’. The ‘yes’ gets louder (and maybe duplicates) as you go up the ladder. The voice starts off quiet.

All that you need to progress is there within you already. You may, or may not, believe in spiritual guides, but you probably believe in some kind of intuition, something within you that prompts you, your gut reaction, something you trust at the point where your rational mind fails you. Now you’re getting the idea.

But this world teaches us that it is all nonsense and we should only listen to the rational side. What has been scientifically proven in the laboratory? Hogwash.

Lets’ get real. Science says that only those things that we can isolate and prove experimentally are true. Therefore you cannot love your wife. Where is the control experiment? Where is the ‘you’ that did not meet your wife or your wife that did not meet you? Or the wife (potential) that you did meet but did not fall in love with? Of course you love your wife (well I hope so anyway…). But you can’t prove that – and no sane scientist would try (not even a divorce lawyer – and I’m married to one, so I ought to know).

So why should we let science get in the way of ‘real’ knowledge. And by real I mean stuff that we ‘just know inside’. Now, I am the world’s worst scientist (or should that be best) – actually nowhere near. Sorry, got caught up in a time-loop of nonsense (isn’t this all). Anyway, I was trying to say that ‘just knowing inside’ is a BIG ‘no-no’ for anyone who wants to claim to be a rational minded scientist worth his salt. Yet some (many, all??) of us take it to be the highest form of guidance. How many people have said ‘I just felt it instinctively’, or ‘I just knew it was right’ – or ‘I went with my gut feel’. These are intuitive reactions.

Now, you could argue that intuition is just a complex set of ‘rational’ programmes that have been deeply encoded into our brains (like the ability to ride a bike). And that may be true. But we don’t perceive it as that. We perceive it as something deeper. The same way as spiritual writings are perceived at a deeper level and ‘ring true’. Perhaps there is a hidden logic that really knows in detail what all this spiritual stuff means but it is too convoluted to present to the rational mind in component parts. Could you explain to me all the tiny little details of how you ride a bike? How much steering input do you apply to correct a slight wobble to the left. How quickly? What do you do with your body weight? These are complex calculations that occur beneath the surface. Perhaps the same applies to spiritual truths? If the spiritual realm is anything like the way I tried to describe it in the previous sections then we can’t expect to understand it with our rational mind. We have to rely on the unconscious supercomputer that we all have resident in our heads. (Thankfully it doesn’t occupy a whole room – like the early computers).

I don’t know about you, but writing this stuff is doing my head in! I need to go to bed, perhaps you do too!

I know this all sounds a bit nonsensical, but there is a purpose to it (honest) – at least I hope so – or you could be wasting your time, but then again, maybe not – only you (or your intuition) can decide, can’t you?

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