Unfettered – Chapter 25 – Going with the Flow

First I want to tell you about something that occurred to me today. It is very important so I will start slowly and then elaborate. It began with a call from a friend. He was very distressed and said that he could not come to my party. I thought that was a bit strange because I wasn’t having a party but he persisted and so I listened, as any good friend would do. Anyway it turned out that all he wanted was to talk. So I listened, like any good friend would do. And as he spoke he just poured his heart out and told me how his wife had left him and how distressed he was and blah, blah, blah. How inconsiderate I thought, how could he impose all his nonsense on me. If he can’t get his act together why should he bother me? But he went on and on. In the end I put the phone down on him. I felt guilty – but was I right? Was he right? What is right?

On one level he should have thought about me. On another level I should have thought about him. Was he hoping to help me or get help from me or was I hoping to get something from him by helping him. You see it gets awfully confusing when you think about it.

If you are in the moment you just let it flow as it is without judgement. In the flow I just listen and react, giving advice or just listening as appropriate without worry or concern about whether I am doing the right thing.

This is what happens when you let go. You go with the flow. It is then that you are most in tune with spirit and can be the most helpful to the person on the other end of the line.

So easily and quickly do we judge others. Did you think that my behaviour in the ‘hypothetical’ story above was disgraceful? How quickly we all judge. Who is responsible for how one feels? Should we take responsibility for ourselves? What right do we have to impose our misery on others? We should take note of the advice that is all around us take control of our lives. Think positively. If we choose to remain in a state of unhappiness why should we inflict that negative energy on others? And yet many of us do.

We should learn the basic lesson of life, that we are in control of our thoughts. Or at least we can be. We have the choice. If we choose not to then we become victims of circumstance.

I love to help people with problems. But if they are not ready to receive, and do not ask, I can do nothing. This is the difficult, and often unpalatable, truth of spiritual life. We know that we can do so much to help others and yet unless they ask and are ready to receive and receptive to what we have to offer it is like force-feeding a hunger striker. He will simply resent it.

Often, as hard as it may seem we just have to stand by and watch the suffering – ready to step in at the slightest request – but we can do no more.

A relative of mine is an unfortunate case in point. He is a very negative thinker who has brought upon himself a dire circumstance. No partner. No job. No confidence. No money. He believes that God will miraculously step in and save him. He doesn’t yet realise that God is but an amplifier of the steps he takes. In other words God simply multiplies his own efforts. If his efforts are zero then no matter what the multiple God applies the answer is still zero. Yet if he were to take a step then this can be multiplied many times.

We have offered him gold nuggets of advice many, many times, and yet he is not ready to receive them. We have tried force feeding him, and yet he cannot swallow it. It’s like giving a prime steak to someone with no teeth.

We have the answer but it is not palatable to those who follow earthly guidance. It is to follow your own path – do what you believe is right. You cannot waste time worrying about others and yet you should always be ready to give as much as you can, even your life, when asked. This is where the Christian’s have misunderstood the good news (gospel) of Jesus. He was a great advocate of helping yourself and following your own path. He never helped anyone unless they asked. If you read the gospels with this in mind you will see what I mean. It was by their own faith (indicating their willingness to take the thought step) that saved them. If they had no faith and were not prepared to take some action there was nothing he could do.

Can we not help people to have faith, though? We can, again, offer a teaching – but ultimately if their eyes are not open to it, or if they are not tuned into the correct wavelength, they will just not receive it. How many wonderful radio programmes are being broadcast right now on the radio (not many you may say, fair enough!) hypothetically speaking, though, if there were a lot, but you weren’t tuned into them, you couldn’t receive them. People tune their receiver to a particular channel – if you are speaking on another wavelength (this is a good analogy) then they will not understand you.

Much of what is written in this book will not be receivable by many people. They are not tuned into it. However, they may be close to the wavelength and may therefore perceive something here and be struggling with the dial to tune in so they can hear it clearly. This may take weeks or months, or even years, but eventually they will find it. Not through great effort simply by sitting in the quiet, relaxing and allowing the spiritual awareness to grow.

Note that if we are open then we learn many lessons in our daily work. It is us who makes our work holy and valuable, not the other way around. It is easy to denigrate the work we are doing but its value comes from the inside out not the outside in. We choose to make it holy and then the opportunities come. We sanctify things through our thoughts. If we allow external things to control us and influence us we are yielding our power and foregoing our birth-right as masters of our own destiny.

We are wonderful spiritual beings with a powerful destiny to fulfil and yet many of us have no inkling. We, perhaps, go to church where we may even profess to having the living spirit of Christ within us. That means that we have God himself available to us within our psyches. And yet what happens when we leave the church? It doesn’t take much thought to realise that this paper truth is just that – paper thin. If we really believed that we had the spirit of the living God within us how powerful would we be?
That’s worth repeating.

If we really believed that we had the spirit of the living God within us how powerful would we be?

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