Unfettered – Chapter 26 – Creation is the Good

You and I are the same. In a physical and spiritual sense. And yet we are different – only by our will and our spiritual maturity. Yes, of course, there are the physical differences, but if we take those away (as we will at death) what distinguishes us. What is left of us when we die?

We are told that when we die we do not take with us concrete memories, at least not very far. We may have them for a short while but they fall away leaving our core spiritual essence which is our innate maturity and understanding of spiritual things. Plus our will. Our will is fundamental. It is what differentiates us from the ocean of spirit. If our will were indistinguishable then our consciousness would be indistinguishable. But the religions tell us that we should allow our will to be subsumed within the will of God.

If I were God, creating beings with individual capacity to create, I would not want them being ‘yes men’. If that were the case I could do it myself far better. I want them to create something different that I could not do. Creation is the lifeblood of creation. That double word is no accident. Creation is the good. Copying is the bad. I have mentioned before how conformity is sin. It adds no value. If God’s nature is to create then he takes pleasure in creation, in innovation. We all sense this that is why the ‘greats’ of humanity have all innovated. Einstein was totally out of the box. He broke the mould. I needn’t mention any others because they are so many.
Inspiration only comes from within. From that space that you enter when you stop rational thought.

Rational thought can only parrot what it has heard. True innovation comes from that space.

But where do those thoughts come from? There is a school of thought that suggests that those thoughts are pre-existing in the ether and that by emptying our minds we tap into them. Therefore we are only bringing into the conscious (worldly) realm, thoughts from another plane, which ultimately come from God. So does God create all things anyway and we just receive those creative thoughts that are pre-existing? Maybe that is the case and we are simply here to receive those thoughts and bring them down to the earthly plane. Perhaps that is the step that God cannot make without us as thinking beings? It is his pleasure to see us pick the cherries off the tree of spiritual thought and place them into the worldly sphere.

If we look at the cabalistic tree for a moment, we have different levels starting at the top with infinite spirit. As we come down through the levels we have different agents involved from archangels, angels, etc. At the bottom we have human spirits. Perhaps we are the only agents who can take these thoughts from the level above and complete the creative process by bringing these pre-existent thoughts into the earthly realm. That is the pleasure that God seeks. When one of his earthly children makes this connection and is able to bring things from the spiritual into the physical God breathes an enormous sigh of relief and feels the ecstasy of completion. If we do not fulfil that role then the work is left incomplete. The thoughts are left hanging in Yesod and never make it to Malkuth (these are the final two ‘sephiroth’ on the qabalistic ‘tree of life’).

We are like a bucket brigade – handing down water from one level to the next, intertwined in a chain of interdependency. As we mentioned earlier, with my relative, he expects God to act directly in this world. He cannot. My relative has to reach up to the hand that is extended down and grasp it. Then the connection is made and the energy and creativity flow in limitless amounts to create wonderful things. Or, should I say, allow the wonderful creations that exist on the higher planes to materialise into this world. This connection makes us buzz with energy, it vitalises us. We become the channel for that creative energy that is now fully connected through all the levels right to the very top of the tree. The circuit is now complete and the limitless energy flows in abundance.

The waters of life, living waters, flow down and out into this world filling it with all the spiritual qualities of beauty, love, harmony, joy, etc.

What a wonderful vision.

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