Unfettered – Chapter 27 – The Sun is Shining

The sun is shining outside my window.

How much we take it for granted, like so much else in our lives. Today is a special day. Now is a special time. In fact ‘now’ is all we ever really experience. Yes, of course the circumstances around us change, but it is we who perceive them and we are the same in the eternal now. It is our choice to begin to view things differently from now on. In every moment we make a choice how we perceive the world. And then, little by little the circumstances around us begin to be moulded to our internal thoughts.

Great propagandists know that if they repeat a lie often enough it becomes the ‘truth’ as perceived by the majority. The same applies to our world as we hold to our positive interpretation. Gradually the ‘world’ comes to believe what our internal thoughts are demanding of it and responds accordingly. We do not change our world overnight it gradually turns, like an oil tanker on the sea.
We are truly blessed to be masters of our own destiny. The keys are in our pocket and it is the simplest of actions to take them out and turn the lock so that we open our doors of perception to a new reality that forms around us.

As we relax and simply allow that world to take shape, so it does inexorably, becoming, blossoming, evolving. All we are really doing is perceiving the beauty that is all around us by changing our wavelength.

We are retuning ourselves from one radio band to another. Spiritual people talk about ‘frequency’ as though it were an electromagnetic wave (like radio or television). The reality is that the medium of the waves is not electromagnetic – that is a worldly phenomenon on the material plane. We are tuning our spiritual sense organs into another dimension where something else is vibrating, as yet unknown to physics.

One of the latest theories in physics postulates the existence of 10 dimensions rather than the four that we commonly perceive (length, breadth, height and time). Einstein was the one who combined time with the other three. Even this seems strange we think of time as measuring something entirely different than distance. But this four dimensional view of the world has been accepted for around 100 years as a reality. We can at least perceive all four of these dimensions. But what would a fifth dimension be? Of this we cannot readily conceive, but let us try.

If, as we have described above, there does indeed exist a series of ‘higher planes’ containing other ‘spiritual’ realms where are they? If we consider our current four dimensions they must have a co-ordinate in each of these dimensions. In other words located somewhere, at some point in space, and at some time. It may be spread out in any of these dimensions. If it extends in one dimension (of distance) then it is a line. If it extends in 2 dimensions of distance then it is a plane (like a sheet of paper). If it extends in 3 dimensions then it is a solid object. On the time scale it may have a start and finish and, therefore, a duration or it may extend infinitely into the past or the future (at least in theory). These are all easy concepts for us to understand.

The spiritual writers of all ages talk about spiritual things that are not located in any one space or in any one time. In these spiritual planes time seems to flow differently. At the highest level of the spiritual hierarchy there is understood to be no space or time. What does this really mean?

Going back to our four dimensions and postulating what a fifth dimension might be. We can’t use any more space because three dimensions are all we can have in our space. In other words x, y and z co-ordinates. Likewise with time there is only past, present and future in our perception of time – it is linear. However we can talk about varying the pace of time, usually by thinking about the passage of time as the passage of distance. We talk about the near future or the distant past. This implies that we can travel those distances (in time) slower or faster. But how can a second be slower or faster – it is always just a second (or a minute, or an hour). We can, however, talk about time dragging or passing quickly. This is related to our perception of the speed at which time passes which is related to our conscious awareness of it. We could then, perhaps, postulate that the fifth dimension is somehow related to our conscious experience. If we have a high intensity of experience somehow that time is worth more than, say, if we are asleep.

Returning, once again, to our 3-D space, one can think of this intensity of experience using an analogy of turning a disc into a cylinder. If we draw a circle in two dimensions it will always be a circle. We can’t get any more out of it. However, if we allow the third dimension we can make this circle grow upwards, it’s still within the bounds of the original circle, in two dimensions, and yet we can grow it as far as we like in the third dimension making it a cylinder or tube.

In a similar way if we think of our experience at any one time and place. Assuming for a moment that my consciousness is in just one place (described in three coordinates) at one time then we can get more out of it by intensifying our conscious experience of it. It is still now (in the present), still in the same place and yet we seem to perceive it differently. Spiritual people talk about experiencing unity with the whole universe or losing track of time, in other words, apparently extending the duration of now.

Note that ‘now’ actually does not have a duration it is infinitesimally small. It is like the zero point (or ‘origin’) on a line. Anything either side of it, is either past or future.

In our ‘now’ we do experience more or less. We could say that if our conscious awareness is greater we can perceive or experience more in our infinitesimally small now. This includes awareness of different places and times (let us consider only the past and not worry about the future for a moment). We can grow this awareness through meditation and other spiritual disciplines. If we were able to grow this awareness continually where would it stop? It would stop with being aware of everything in space and everything in the past. In other words our present awareness would encompass all of space and time in the now.

If we also consider that time seems to move more quickly when we are immersed in something – we get lost in our thoughts and suddenly we find several minutes have passed. Again taking this to the extreme if we were aware of everything (which is infinitely big) – i.e. completely conscious of everything – the highest point on our scale of conscious awareness (at infinity), then time would effectively stop. We would be immersed in the ‘now’ for ever, and would never perceive the passage of time at all. This is the state of ultimate being, of God, or the godhead.

So can we extend this to explain more of the spiritual statements I mentioned previously in this book? What about the less constrained time and space of higher dimensions? There is much ‘channelled’ material that indicates that time does not pass in the same way in the higher planes as it does here. It is easier to travel in time. If there is higher consciousness in the higher realms then there the passage of time would be different. The higher the level of consciousness the more time can be compressed and therefore more easily traversed.

Similarly with space.

So the level of consciousness actually expands or compresses the four dimensions of which we are aware. It doesn’t make time of greater or lesser duration (because that would be to use a measure of time to measure the scale of time). It actually expands the scale of time.

It doesn’t make a distance longer because that would be to measure the increased distance in terms of distance (i.e. on the same scale as that which we are expanding). It actually expands the scale of distance.
So does this answer our question? Well we spoke about ten dimensions and have so far postulated only one other, intensity of conscious awareness, which describes the spiritual realm and God himself. Surely that does the trick?

Well, possibly, but perhaps one extra dimension does not take us all the way to the godhead in one go. Perhaps there is a series of stages, each going to infinity, like a Russian doll. What I mean is that perhaps intensity of conscious awareness taken to the limit (i.e. awareness of all time and space in the now), doesn’t compress time and space into nothing, but only to a part of it. That doesn’t make sense. This theory takes us all the way.

Perhaps this theory is different to the physicist’s concept of 10 dimensions? Perhaps there are only 5 dimensions needed?


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