Unfettered – Chapter 28 – The World in Fifty Years Time

What will the world be like in 50 years’ time? I plan to be around to find out.

There are many people writing and talking about the future. Their views diverge wildly. On the one hand we have the doom-mongers who say that climate change, overpopulation, scarcity of natural resources, etc. will cause a breakdown in all the mechanisms that we have created to sustain our lives.
Others talk about a coming breakthrough in consciousness that will provide enough for everyone from the abundance of the universe.

How much can we as individuals affect the universe that we see? How much can we affect our own future?
I have always enjoyed pondering the paradox of whether my vote counts in an election. Clearly if I don’t vote it makes no difference to the outcome (except in those extremely rare situations where there is only one vote difference between the candidates). And yet clearly if everyone felt like that then it would make a massive difference, and so I feel compelled to vote.

So extrapolating this idea, is it worth us taking actions to correct bad situations that we see, even though we know that our one action makes no difference? This would include any individual action to reduce environmental waste, such as turning off a light when you leave the room.

If we look at this question from the outside then these actions do not make a difference. But if we look at them from the inside then they make a huge difference. In fact it is a complete change in attitude within the individual – he either decides to vote one way or another. He decides to take action to reduce waste or he doesn’t.

So how much does that change in consciousness affect the world outside? We have talked before about how thought makes things so how much does our single thought change the universe that we perceive? Do we think that we can affect everything, in other words we ‘construct’ the entire universe from our perceptive consciousness? Or do we just influence it to a greater or lesser extent by the strength, emotion, precision etc. of our thoughts? This leads to the question of whether there is an objective universe out there at all or whether we construct the whole thing for ourselves.

My view is that there is a universe constructed from thought other than our own. In other words many other thoughts go to construct the universe and therefore our own thoughts only influence the universe partially within our sphere of perception. However ‘our own’ thoughts are thought within a unified mind. So we are small pockets of consciousness thinking in a huge sea of thought. Our thoughts are interconnected on the spiritual plane with all other thoughts. As we are able to expand our conscious awareness so we think more of the thoughts that go to create the universe and our thoughts have greater influence over other thoughts.

Some people are able to control large parts of what occurs in the universe, those with worldly power, for example. But there are others, I’m sure, who have expanded their consciousnesses, and combined with others, to create a much larger pool of thought thus being able to control/create a large amount of the universe.

Potentially, then, if we could expand our conscious awareness infinitely we could control or create the entire universe. This is far from practical reality though. Let us think for a moment about what this means.
Firstly we have the elemental consciousness – the thoughts that sustain the basic physical laws of the universe – that hold atoms together that determine the periodic table and the molecules that make up our world. At the opposite end of the scale are the thoughts that determine macro actions of political leaders. These physical manifestations are all the product of thoughts on the spiritual plane but are almost infinitely diverse. Clearly then any individual human can only control one small sphere. We can choose to affect a small group of molecules locally by focussed though – such as in experiments with water undertaken by Dr Masaru Emoto, or we could choose to focus our thoughts on a particular individual and perhaps influence his behaviour. But in order for our thoughts to be effective generally we must focus on one thing at a time.

This severely limits our capabilities.

When we consider the big picture we can only reach the conclusion that the thinking powers that sustain and drive the universe are the sum of all individuals’ thoughts plus some other big thinker (God?). As we have mentioned previously ‘individuals’ in this context may not have to be incarnated humans – they could be (and in my view are) spiritual entities/beings as well.

What happens when one thinker expands his consciousness to try to influence a something that another thinker is trying to do the opposite to?

I believe the energies and thought-forms from the two thoughts intermingle and conflict with each other. There is effectively a battle of wills or thought-forms – sometimes a conscious battle – sometimes unconscious. The winner will be the one with the greater precision and emotion. In some cases the outcome is blended. In some cases it will be one or the other.

Much of our world is constructed upon established beliefs – things that everyone believes to be true. This doesn’t, of course, make it true. The earth wasn’t flat because everyone thought it was, but in sociological situations beliefs can make things true in the sense that it is real for the believers. Why is it, then, that those who believe in the benevolence of the ruling powers do not make it so? In other words if state propaganda makes people see a regime e.g. modern day US or Nazi Germany, as benevolent when clearly it is in some sense evil then why is it not so? I will have to leave that question for others to ponder.

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