Unfettered – Chapter 29 – Tuning In

The sun is shining outside and in my heart. The sun is the physical expression of the ruler of our universe – the all-encompassing one universal manifest God. Within us we have the essence of God which is awakened as we tune ourselves to those vibrations that set our own being vibrating in harmony.

Consider humans as guitar strings. A string can vibrate at different frequencies – which are harmonics of each other. In our normal lives we vibrate at the fundamental frequency, but the string is capable of vibrating at higher frequencies. If we bring the string close to another string, which is vibrating at a higher harmonic, it will pick up that vibration and start to vibrate at that harmonic frequency. This can occur in addition to the base frequency with an additive effect. In spiritual terms brining ourselves close to a string vibrating at a higher frequency is to meditate or undertake other spiritual practices. Once we are sued to allowing our string to vibrate at those higher frequencies it becomes more natural.

Ultimately we can have many harmonics vibrating simultaneously on our string giving a rich sound. As we go higher up the scale the frequencies get closer and closer together until they become indistinguishable from each other. Perhaps this is when we reach the highest states of spiritual awareness – the one – where distinctions and differences disappear.

Changing and extending the metaphor slightly we can think in terms of radio signals. In order to broadcast a radio signal an audio signal is used to modulate a higher frequency signal (the carrier frequency). We may consider the higher frequency to be the emanation of spirit – the pure energy that we are given from within. Our creative power is to modulate that carrier frequency to make our own broadcast. This we do with our thoughts thus creating something new in accordance with our own personalities, aspirations and desires.

In terms of light we can think of being reflectors, refractors, filters or modulators. White light contains all frequencies. We have this light within us – our highest spiritual essence. It may be that we merely reflect this light – which is useful as it is effectively dispersed to others – or we can allow the light to pass through our consciousness – adding our own creativity – either as a prism – splitting it into different colours, or as a filter – allowing only selected colours through, or by modulating it. Modulation of light is done in fibre-optics, for instance. A carrier light wave has a signal wave mixed with it to convey a signal. At the most complex level of our being we modulate the light – we introduce a message (rather than just reflecting, refracting or filtering – which tend to be static transformations of the light). If we modulate the signal we are really adding something to creation – this is our role as co-creators with God. We are made in the image of God and have been given the power to create through our thought processes, as we have discussed before. This is when we really fulfil our role in this universe.

When our thoughts are in tune with others – in other words when we are thinking of the same things – then the signals we emanate add together and we end up with a higher amplitude signal. If we are thinking conflicting thoughts then they tend to cancel out in the way we discussed earlier about conflicting thought-forms.

There is huge value in collective prayer or meditation. Conversely this cumulative energy can be used for negative purposes – such as when states engineer horrific situations (such as the twin towers disaster) when collective horror creates high amplitude negative energy signals.

The ruling powers keeping us in a perennial state of fear. Why do they feed on negative emotional energy? Why is belief in the ‘now’, reinforced by emotion, such a potent factor in magic.

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