Unfettered – Chapter 30 – Ushering in the Kingdom of God

We are spiritual beings here to develop and learn as part of the great entity. We have been given great powers and great opportunity to co-create with God. Our creativity is his pleasure. As we follow our paths of development we grow in creative ability and please God more. His pleasure is to see us enjoying this wonderful world. Poverty, sadness, strife bring no pleasure to God. In this world we have physical and material pleasures. These are not available in the spiritual world. Our incarnation into this plane is specifically to learn through it – and to gain pleasure from it to reflect back into the great spiritual entity.

Liberation, joy, love, abundance, harmony – these are what come naturally to us as our birth-right in as much as we follow the spiritual laws that are impregnated into the universe.

Those who would limit us or encourage frugality or poverty of spirit or material wealth are depriving us of our birth-right. Some of our spiritual teachings have been leading us into paths of sin – whereby we do not create or enjoy our lives. We need to free ourselves from these constraints – but in a mature way.

Let us follow our paths with joy and courage and help others along the way with all our strength, wisdom and generosity to usher in the kingdom of God amongst men, women – and those in between…

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